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Reality kids

We build heroes!

Reality Kids strives to create a family friendly environment that's fun, safe, and connects the whole family to God! 

The ministry we provide to your child(ren) is based on the idea of "Edutainment" (Education and Entertainment). We teach children the truth of God's word in fun and engaging ways. Our goal is to instill enthusiasm in your child(ren) to learn about and know God.

We minister to your children in age-appropriate groups. Here's how we group them: Nursery (0-18mos) Toddlers (19mos-3yrs) Pre-school (4-5yrs) Elementary (6-12yrs) For more info: email Pastor TL Odell, our Family Ministries Pastor.

Reality youth

Students don't like being dumped in a box. They're curious about God and about meaning something in their world. Teenagers want opportunities to do these things in relationship with other teenagers. Regardless of their place on their spiritual journey all students want to be around other fun and interesting students. They crave two things: significance and relationship.

We're creating an environment where students can develop meaningful, Christ-centered relationships, giving them opportunities to gather regularly for events and ministry projects that are fun, engaging and inspiring.

For more info email us Here.