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Before You Attend

We meet Sundays at 10:30 in Sanford, located on the corner of 17/92 and Lake Mary Blvd in the Village Market Place shopping center near Harbor Freight.

3820 S. Orlando Drive, Sanford, FL 32773.

To get turn-by-turn directions, via Google Maps, click here.


Relax! You're among friends. Our worship services last about 75 minutes. Feel free to dress up or down; whatever makes you comfortable. We'll have some coffee, refreshments ready for you before we worship together.

Got kids?

Our children's ministry -- for ages birth through 5th grade -- is designed to engage your child(ren) in exciting, age-appropriate activities that will introduce them to an amazing and loving God!

The children's ministry check-in station is just passed the auditorium. One of our friendly children's ministry staff members will assist you. Simply register your child(ren) and our team will see that they are lovingly cared for and ministered to. If you would like a tour of the children's area just ask and one of our staff members will gladly show you around. They're always happy to help.


Our music is fresh, diverse, passionate and inspiring. We strive to create an atmosphere where you will be encouraged and experience the presence of God. Most of us will sing along, some will worship expressively and others quietly. We just want you to connect to God in a way that fits you. There is no pressure or expectation of you. You can participate or you can just feel the room, if you prefer.


Each message is practical and relevant to your life and your spiritual journey. Pastor Victor speaks with passion and intensity that meets people right where they are. He uses God's Word, humor, wisdom and creativity to communicate biblical principles you can walk away with and live. His approach is that of a pastor and a coach.

Dinner Parties

The life of our church happens in Community Groups. Sundays are fantastic experiences where everyone comes together and is encouraged but groups are where we build relationships that help us to grow, engage in conversations that deepen our connection to God, where we care for one another and where we have fun! It's where life happens!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us.

Our Mission

We exist to Connect the Disconnected

to the Reality of Life In Christ

"Reality Community Church is a multi-ethnic Christ-centered movement that connects the disconnected into life-giving, transformational communities that impact lives, families, neighborhoods and cities."

We accomplish this mission by:

1. Passionately loving God and people.

2. Creating worship experiences and ministry environments that connect people to God and are relevant to folks who are new to church. 

3. Leading people toward a transformational relationship with Christ. 

4. Helping people cultivate meaningful and encouraging relationships through small groups and volunteer teams.

5. Developing a culture that is generous with its time, talent and treasure.

6. Intentionally equipping and empowering volunteers and leaders in gift oriented ministry that unleashes their potential.

7. Strategically loving and serving our communities.

8. Advancing God's purposes through the multiplication of life-giving churches.

Our Vision

We long to be more than a "church". Our vision is to be a transformational movement of selfless champions of God's love. We are a long way from getting there but that is indeed where we are going and who, by God's Spirit, we are becoming.  Our vision is 4 fold:  

1. Transform Lives: Every person is important, created in the image of God with greatness and destiny inside of them. We endeavor to engage people in a relationship with Christ that truly transforms their lives and unleashes their potential.

2. Bless Our City: We desire to lavishly bless the Sanford / Lake Mary area. We do this through compassion ministry efforts with a longterm goal in mind. When the time comes for us to build a facility, it will not be a cathedral; we will build a Community Center that serves as a hub of blessing for our city. Our community center will empower ministry efforts for those in poverty and in business; those getting started in life and those longing to leave a legacy. It will be a hive of loving, empowering, creative and industrious ministry. 

3. Advance God's Kingdom: We are a church that plants churches. We plant life-giving and transformational churches that will love God, love people and bless their city. The greatest efforts leading people to Christ is starting vibrant churches. We have an audacious goal to plant clusters of at least 10 churches in 50 prevailing cities throughout the world. If you want to start a church, we want to help you. 

4. Impact the World: In addition to church planting locally and globally, we seek to impact the world through Christ-Centered humanitarian efforts. Faith is more than a sermon and a song. We want to embody Christ's love to the least of these, to the forgotten and to the broken. We aren't called to carry the light; we are called to be the light. Check out our For The World page for more info.

Our Values

1. We Exist with Jesus at the Center.

2. We Pursue Intimacy with God.

3. We Maintain a Missional Focus.

4. We Live Generously.

5. We Know God is Not Colorblind, He Is Colorful.

6. We Grow As Everyone Disciples One.

7. We Believe Together We Is Greater Than Me.

Our Philosophy


Reality Community Church exists to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus, that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.


Authentic: We are about Relationship We're all ship-wrecked and need God. Only when we come to God and come together in unmasked relationship can we experience the restoration God has for us. 

Vibrant: We are about Transformation God has deposited greatness and destiny inside of all of us. Only through a transformational relationship with Christ are we able to live the amazing life God created us to live. Let's not just dream or believe it... let's live it!

Relevant: We are about Generosity The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just a sermon and a song; it's a lifestyle. We aim to live a lifestyle of generously giving our time, talent and treasure to connect with people right where they are. We aim to live lives of tangible love.

Our DistinctNESS

Every person is unique. So is every church! What makes Reality... well, Reality? 

There's a whole lot that makes us who we are as a church but we believe what makes us unique can be summed up this way:

  1. We desire for every person who worships with us to Encounter God in a significant, personal and transformational way. God is not someone we simply sing about. He is someone we sing to. He isn't someone we just talk about. He is someone we talk to. Through His Holy Spirit, we can have a vibrant and dynamic relationship with God.
  2. We are intentionally multi-ethnic. It's not something we hope for, it's been part of our vision and culture since our founding. This isn't about some photo-op or politically correct silliness. We want to reflect Heaven. In a racially supercharged climate, we believe this is more valuable than ever. Even though it can be challenging, we believe our diversity makes us stronger. 
  3. We believe every person wants to grow. We want to help. Through our Dare to Grow initiative, if they want to, we want every person who calls Reality home to be on a personal growth plan. We will walk with you to help you craft and implement a comprehensive plan for your personal growth. Every person is unique and every plan will be different. We just want to help you intentionally grow in life and faith.